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Our Animals

Space Farms Zoo in Sussex, NJ is home to over 500 live wild animals. Explore the most popular zoo animals. Space Farms Zoo is home to many big cats: African lions, black leopards, South American jaguar, cougars, lynx, bobcats, and Bengal tigers. Our Tiger Lily loves to interact with the visiting public. Grizzly bears, Hokkaido bears, Kodiak bears, and black bears love to watch the parade of visitors. The ring-tailed lemurs scamper through their enclosure, while the New Guinea baboons climb logs and chatter. The Rhesus monkeys constantly preen each other, wanting to look their best for the visitors. Fallow deer, Japanese Sitka deer, and native white-tailed deer traverse through their spacious paddocks.

Space Farms Zoo is also home to a pair of spotted hyena that will laugh with you! Our white elk herd is treasured by Native Americans. Kids love to watch the kangaroo hop, and look closely—is that a baby joey in the pouch? And true to the Space Farms Zoo name, we also have farm animals! Litters of piglets squeal, roosters crow, calves frolic, lambs baaa and donkeys brae.

Special Programs to Restore Endangered & Threatened Species

  • South Korea’s elk herd
  • Fallow deer in Taiwan
  • Wild turkeys in many states
  • Assist in relocating endangered species threatened by human contact
  • The last breeding pair of endangered Hokkaido Bears were brought to Space Farms — and now the species continues in Japan.
  • Don’t miss our Lemurs! A trio of endangered Ring Tailed Lemurs will entertain you with their playful antics. Native to Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa, these arboreal (tree dwelling) cuties are known to jump 10 feet high with ease.
a cat sitting on top of a leopard
a bear sitting in front of a fox

Baby Zoo Animals

Pop Pop’s Barnyard Nursery is a favorite of zoo visitors. We have raised lions, tigers, otters, foxes, llamas, and many other youngsters in the Nursery. Come see what needs YOUR special attention this year! And there are always many types of chickens and ducks in Pop Pop’s Barnyard to feed. Often young zoo visitors are asked to lend a hand and hold a bottle for the lambs and kids in the nursery or the white-tail fawns.

New Zoo Animals

Space Farms Zoo started out as a Native American animal park in 1927 and has expanded from ten original local species to over one hundred native and exotic species. New zoo animals arrive all the time here at Space Farms Zoo. Come see what is new this year as we constantly grow our animal family!

a close up of a llama looking at the camera