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Space Farms Museum

American Bald Eagle - Best History Museums in NJ
  • More than 50 antique cars and motorcycles
  • Old-fashioned carriages and wagons that traveled all over the country
  • Eskimo exhibit
  • Fluorescent mineral theater
  • Weapons and rifles from both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars
  • Primitive tool barn
  • Doll museum containing a rare collection started hundreds of years ago
  • Blacksmith shop
  • One-of-a-kind complete miniature circus
  • A hand-built train set with all the details of the real thing
  • Indian arrowheads and artifacts

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11 Buildings Exclusively Dedicated to Showcasing American History

The Space Farms New Jersey Museum is home to many antique and classic American History artifacts. The antique tool barn will fascinate visitors with the ingenuity of our forefathers. The antique bicycles forge the question: How did they get up on that bike? Early American farm equipment is displayed in the Plow Barn Museum, with many local artifacts, like the Newton Ferrell Hay Fork and the Deckertown Plow. 


Space Farms Museum has over 500 antique dolls that will make every girl's eye twinkle. The Space Farms antique firearm collection is one of the largest collections of antique firearms in the United States. Ralph and Fred Space collected numerous Native American artifacts from the local area. Space Farms Museum in NJ is located on a former Native American campsite at the base of the Blue Ridge, Kittatinny Mountain Range of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Space Farms Museum complex is a testament to the foresight of Ralph Space the founder of Space Farms, who collected items throughout his lifetime. Come visit Space Farms New Jersey Museums and step back into American History.

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History of Space Farms Museum

Antique Car Museum - Space Farms History Museum Learn more about antique cars

Offspring of hard times soon after the zoo began, the Great Depression hit the Country, and the local farmers were not spared. Still needing supplies and repairs, the farmers would "pay" with their family heirlooms: old firearms, dolls, wicker cradles and other items of local Americana. The antiquities were given in good faith; all agreed that the items would be given back when better days came and bills could be paid. In the meantime, they were placed on the walls of the general store. Soon, visitors would stop by to see the animals and the antiques…And this was the beginning of Space Farms Zoo and Museum. 

As time went on, the children worked diligently with their parents. Fred Space took a keen interest in building up the zoo, and Ralph’s enthusiasm for collecting spurred the museum on. "Grandma" Elizabeth Space worked in the store right through its evolution. 

Today the third & fourth generations – Fred's children, son Parker and his wife Jill, daughter Lori and her husband Doug, as well as Parker and Jill's son Hunter – are handling the lion's share of the day-to-day work.

Pet Policy: We do not allow dogs or other animals to be brought into the zoo or our buildings. Space Farms allows entrance to service dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability as defined under titles II and III of the ADA. Emotional support or comfort dogs do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.




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Admission Prices

Adults (13 - 64): $20.00 plus tax
Children (3-12): $16.50  plus tax
Seniors (65+): $18.50 plus tax

Group Prices (20+ people)
Adults (18+): $16.00 plus tax
Teen (13-17): $13.00 plus tax
Child (0-12): $12.00 plus tax
Reservations are required for large groups. 

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Season Pass Rates

One Adult: $40 plus tax
One Child: $33 plus tax


Space Farms Zoo & Museum
218 County Road 519
Sussex, NJ 07461

Find Us 973-875-5800

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